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Shipping Containers for Sale & Hire

Welcome to Shipping Containers Direct, Australia’s leading supplier of shipping containers! We sell and hire new / single use containers and second hand containers to large companies, small businesses and individuals alike. And we deliver them Australia wide with a price match guarantee. With your container often being on-site within 24-48 hours! 

And, while anyone can sell a container in Australia, it takes an engineering expert to modify a container to meet both the government’s stringent safety guidelines and an individual client’s specific requirements. 

And that’s what really sets Shipping Containers Direct apart. Because we are (by a considerable distance) Australia’s leading shipping container modification company. So if you need a CONTAINER CAFE, a CONTAINER BAR, a SITE OFFICE, ABLUTION UNITS, CRIB ROOMS, CONTAINER WORKSHOPS or CONTAINER SWITCH ROOMS (to name just a few!) then call Shipping Containers Direct today on 1300 744 774. Because we have over 20 years’ container modification experience, and employ Australia’s leading container design engineers.

So if you have the dream…then we have the know-how to turn it into a reality.


Australia's Largest Shipping Container Provider

Shipping Containers for Sale

As one of Australia's leading Shipping Container Companies, Shipping Containers Direct is proud to sell and supply 40', 20' and 10' shipping containers Australia wide. We sell new and second hand shipping containers to individuals, small businesses and large companies alike, and delver the shipping containers we sell, Australia wide. Often within 24-48 hours! We speicalise in the delivery and siting of the containers to your home, business or worksite. And with our price match guarantee, you know you're not only getting the best shipping containers for sale in all of Australia, but you're getting it at the best price!

Container Hire & Rental

Shipping Container Hire and Rental, what you need to know: Shipping Containers Direct hire and rent three types of shipping containers. Renting to everyone from large corporations and mining companies who need to hire hundreds of containers, right through to individuals who need to hire just one. We hire three types of containers: High Cube Containers, General Purpose Containers and Refrigerated Containers. Container terms can be short term (one month container hire) or long term (as long as you need it!). And the cost of hiring a shipping container quite literally starts at less than $10 a day!

Container Modification

Shipping Containers Direct are Australia's leading shipping container modification experts. With over 20-years' container modification experience behind us, if you've marvelled at a modified container at any stage, there's a better than even chance it was built by one of the team at Shipping Containers Direct! We specialise in shipping container cafes and shops. As well as ablution blocks, site offices, accommodation containers, training containers,  switch rooms, first aid rooms ablution blocks and crib rooms (to name just a few!). All containers modified to your exact specifications and delivered onsite: fast!

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***Price Match Guarantee***

Shipping Containers Delivered Australia Wide!

The delivery methods Shipping Containers Direct use to site your container, depends on the shipping container size and the site we are delivering to. It is important that your shipping container is on a level surface because if the container is placed on uneven ground, the walls can buckle and the container doors can become unaligned, making them difficult to open and close. Because of drainage issues, we also recommend having the container slightly raised to allow ventilation and avoid moisture settling underneath. Another option is to situate the container on a bed of gravel to allow draining. Even though our shipping containers are designed to be wind and watertight, proper drainage and ventilation is required, especially if your shipping container is being used for storage.

Shipping Containers for Sale, Hire & Modification

If you need to buy a shipping container (either new / single use or second hand), then you’ve absolutely come to the right company. Shipping Containers Direct have the largest range of containers for sale in Australia, and offer a price match guarantee to ensure you never pay more than you have to!

However if you need a shipping container for a short period of time, like while you renovate your home or whatever, then a shipping container hire is often a better option, and it’s usually more affordable than purchasing a shipping container outright. When you do a shipping container hire, you don’t have to worry about a long-term commitment as you can hire it month by month. Plus, Shipping Containers Direct handle delivery and installation, so you’ll never have to stress over the logistics of getting your container sited.

With over 20 years’ container experience we are familiar with all shipping container uses and are AUSTRALIA’S #1 SHIPPING CONTAINER MODIFICATION COMPANY. So if you’ve got a dream to run or grow your own business by getting a Shipping Container Cafe or a Container Bar, or any of a multitude of other uses, then we’re the only phone call you’ll ever have to make. Because we can bring our extensive expertise to the fore by working with you to modify the container exactly the way you want it.

We also have a large range or standardised container modifications such as site offices, ablution units, Switch Rooms, etc. Which we manufacture and deliver in bulk to some of Australia’s largest mines and worksites.

All of our shipping containers are durable, portable, eco-friendly, and reusable. Our shipping containers are constructed with corten steel, and are completely waterproof and amazingly durable (they have to be, as they are often used to transport goods at sea, in the harshest conditions imaginable!). So you can rest assured that if there’s wind, rain, or snow, your items will be protected from damage inside one of our shipping containers.

Our standard shipping containers are equipped with double doors; however, we can customise your container by installing a side door, windows, or create more than one entry door as needed. If your shipping container will be used as a bathroom or kitchen space, ask us about how we can utilise insulation, refrigeration, or plumbing to give you a useable place for much-needed breaks during the day.

Whether you are looking to have an organised storage shop, a portable container cafe or bar, or a unique travelling trade show booth or any of a thousand other uses, Shipping Containers Direct can accommodate your shipping container needs by installing customised accessory options like windows, doors, lighting, insulation, refrigeration, bathrooms, shelves, and air conditioning. 

Shipping Container Options & Features

With both standard and custom shipping container options, Shipping Containers Direct can provide a new / single use shipping container or modify it to meet your specific needs. Like our customers, no two shipping containers are alike, and we pride ourselves on high-quality craftsmanship and exquisite attention to detail.

Shipping Container Sizes

Shipping containers come in standard 10′, 20′ and 40′ sizes.  

A 10′ General Purpose Container has an exterior size of 304.8 cm long, by 243.84 cm wide by 259.08 cm high.  With interior specifications of 279.4 cm long, by 234.8 cm wide by 238.44 cm long. With a door width of 233.68 cm wide by 227.2 cm high.  

A 20′ General Purpose Container has an exterior size of 609.6 cm long, by 243.84 cm wide by 259.08 cm high. With interior specifications of 589.74 cm long by 234.8 cm wide by 238.44 cm long.  With a door width of 233.68 cm wide by 227.2 cm high.

A 40′ General Purpose Container has an exterior size of 1,219.2 cm long, by 243.84 cm wide by 259.08 cm high. With interior specifications of 1,203.1 cm long, by 234.8 cm wide by 238.44 cm high. With  a door width of 233.6 cm wide by 227.2 cm high.

Shipping Container Removals

Another increasingly popular and cost effective use for shipping containers is for Self-Loading Removals. Because moving is a stressful and time consuming process at the best of times, with deadlines and costs spiraling out of control the longer your removalists are on the clock! So rather than be blackmailed by a removals company, why not do Self-Loading Container Removals instead? 

With Self-Loading Container Removals you are, in effect, just hiring a container from us for a short term, and we’re transporting it from point A to point B. So we deliver the container to your old house and drop it off. You then load in your belongings, taking as long as you need to. You then call us and we come and pick up the container and deliver it to your new house, where we site it and leave it there until you’ve unpacked. And because you’re renting the container by the month (from less than $10 a day), you can take your sweet time unpacking. And then, when you’ve finally unpacked everything, you simply call us and we come and collect the container. Now what could be simpler than that!

The 3 Biggest Benefits Of Using Us

High-Quality Shipping Containers

Both our new / single use containers and our second hand containers are built with durable corten steel with reinforced corners. They're built that way because they have to to survive the harshest conditions at sea, where they often get stacked 8 containers high on the exposed decks of container ships.

Fast, Friendly Service

Whether you're a huge mining company looking to order hundreds of modified containers such as site offices, ablution units or crib rooms; a small business looking to launch a container cafe or container bar; or else you're an individual who just wants a single container for their back yard, you'll always get the same fast friendly service from the customer service team at Shipping Containers Direct. With no job is too big or too small, we provide fast, friendly, and efficient nationwide and international delivery service to your home, business, or work site.


Buying a shipping container or hiring a shipping container hire is easy and convenient with Shipping Containers Direct. And with our price match guarantee you'll never pay over the odds for the container or containers you want..

Shipping Containers Direct

Shipping Containers Direct are the leading shipping container company in Australia because we understand what containers can (and can’t) be used for. We not only offer the largest range, but we are also Australia’s leading container modification and engineering company. And this is where we really stand out from the crowd. Because with over 20 years’ container experience behind us, we can offer the expertise you need if you’re after a container modification. Be it a bespoke, one-of-a-kind container cafe or bar, or a standardised container modification such as a site office, ablution unit or crib room, etc. All of our shipping containers are made from weather resistant corten steel, and are durable, portable, eco-friendly, and reusable.

***Price Match Guarantee***

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