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    Accommodation Shipping Containers for Sale

    Portable Accommodation Containers are worth their weight in gold for anyone working out the back of beyond, because remote worksites need to provide living quarters for their employees and often struggle to find a workable solution. This scenario is quite common in the construction, mining and civil works industries. But no matter your work location, your employees and contractors need a place to eat, unwind, sleep and bathe. And when your work entails moving from one location to another, portable accommodation becomes even more crucial for your operations. Which is why shipping container accommodation works so well!

    Portable Accommodation Containers - 20' or 40'

    A Shipping Containers Direct modified shipping container accommodation can easily house several people comfortably. Depending on the number of occupants, you can choose from our range of 20-foot and 40-foot containers for the modification.

    If you need rooms, partitions or bunks, we can take care of that too. And on top of your accommodation requirements, we can make ablution blocks, and fit your containers with kitchen and dining facilities.

    Fully Fitted Container Accommodation

    For long-term site work, we highly recommend opting for our fully fitted self-contained container accommodation units. These are equipped with living and sleeping quarters with en-suites and cooking facilities, so your workers have the amenities they need to live comfortably whilst residing temporarily in remote worksites.

    All of Shipping Containers Direct’s container accommodation units are proudly Australian-made at our facilities in New South Wales.

    Our accommodation containers come with basic features, such as plumbing and electrical connections. And you can choose from our ready made and custom-built containers

    As well as these basic features, you can also add accessories designed to make your portable accommodation more comfortable. These include partitions, hot water and air conditioning systems, doors, windows etc.

    If you have specific requirements and accessories in mind, be sure to let us know so we can give you a price quote.

    Portable Accommodation for Other Industries

    Portable shipping container accommodation is popular across different industries because it is an affordable option that satisfies basic requirements for living spaces, whatever the situation. The many uses and applications of containers mean that they are seriously in demand, especially in the following industries:

    Shipping Containers Direct

    We are familiar with almost all shipping container uses and are experts at designing spaces that are efficient, affordable, and functional. All of our shipping containers are durable, portable, eco-friendly, and reusable. An Australian shipping container is a budget-friendly solution to storage, transport, and business needs.

    ***Price Match Guarantee***

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