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    Confined Space Training Containers For Sale

    At Shipping Containers Direct, we believe that ‘practice makes perfect’ – and this certainly holds true in our industry, as well as in other types of businesses. However, there are certain industries where training is critical not only for business success. It can also make a huge difference in to the health and safety of personnel and customers, especially in terms of confined space training. Which is where confined space training containers come in.

    There are different sectors and industries where confined space training is a major prerequisite, because it plays a big role in the ability of staff to perform efficiently even in dire, unforgiving physical or environmental conditions.

    Confined space training is crucial for work in mining and construction sites, as well as for emergency services. It’s also critical for people who work in places with low visibility. During training, employees develop the skills and abilities to not only recognise hazards or risks in confined-space situations but also how to mentally and emotionally function during such times.

    Shipping Containers for Confined Space Training

    Confined space training containers are designed and fitted to simulate the conditions of actual confined spaces. These simulated confined spaces help to get trainees accustomed to the conditions and risks that come with working in these locations.

    The Australian Standard AS2865-2009 mandates confined space training every 12 to 24 months for supervisors and workers working in confined spaces. And while it’s a scary thing to contemplate (who wants to be stuck in a confined space after all!), training in a confined space training container can save lives.

    As an employer and or business owner, you can ensure your company’s compliance with safety regulations by adhering to these yearly training requirements. More importantly, by providing confined space training for your employees, you’ll also be ensuring their safety while working onsite.

    Simulated Confined Spaces in Shipping Containers

    Shipping Containers Direct confined space training containers are appropriately designed and equipped to support your company’s need to provide simulated training space for your employees.

    To ensure the containers we fabricate meet your training requirements and specifications, you need to provide us with a detailed list of the accessories and equipment you need. We can fit your chosen containers with wall partitions and entry points, PA doors, internal doors, side crawl hatches, roof-mounted entry hatches for evacuation and abseil exercises.

    We’ll paint the interior of your confined space training container in grey or jet black to simulate the interior of a mine shaft or other low-visibility confined spaces perfectly. Safety railings are usually painted in yellow. However, you’re free to choose the colour you want for the exterior of your confined space training container.

    If you plan to use the container for fire safety training, we can integrate a smoke machine nipple if required.

    You can order our 20-foot or 40-foot options, depending on size of the confined space training facility you need.

    Confined Spaces According to Australian Standards

    The Australian Standard AS2865–2009 defines an enclosed or partially enclosed space which is not intended or meant for human occupancy, and which poses any one or more of the following hazards or risks:

    Some common examples of confined spaces include silos, pits, boilers, pipes, shafts, sewers, wells, ducts, storage tanks, pump stations, oil tanks and shipboard spaces.

    Get Certified and Be Safe With Confined Space Training Containers

    Many roles expose workers to confined space work scenarios. These include fire, emergency and police roles, mine working, electrician, safety inspector and maintenance jobs, as well as plumbing and water contractors, lift operators and installers, electrical engineers and telecommunications installers.

    To develop the skills and mastery that supervisors and workers need to navigate confined spaces and deal with emergency scenarios confidently, it is critical that they have the training facilities designed to support these objectives.

    Confined space training containers can help you achieve your business goals and ensure you are certified compliant with current regulatory standards. Building your own facility can also be a cost-effective decision.

    With the help of Shipping Containers Direct, you’re only a step away from designing and owning a confined space training facility. When you get to design your own facility, you can make sure it is fitted with all the accessories you need.

    To get you started, please contact us on 1300 SHIPPING  (1300 744 774). You can also use our online contact form.

    Remember, lack of training and orientation in confined space emergency situations can spell the difference between life and death. Ensure your supervisors and workers are well-equipped to deal with such situations. Give them the training they need at your own customised confined space training facility, right in your own business premises.

    Shipping Containers Direct

    We are familiar with almost all shipping container uses and are experts at designing spaces that are efficient, affordable, and functional. All of our shipping containers are durable, portable, eco-friendly, and reusable. An Australian shipping container is a budget-friendly solution to storage, transport, and business needs.

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