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    Shipping Container Cafés for Sale

    Converting Shipping Containers into Café’s & Kiosks is a trend that is sweeping the world and now Australia.
    Shipping Containers Direct are Australia’s foremost designer and manufacturer of bespoke Container Cafés, food preparation and cooking containers, compliant to AS 4674-2004. (Design, Construction and Fit Out of Food Premises).
    Whether you are looking for a simple, no frills pop up container cafe, or a fully equipped commercial kitchen housed in a modified and portable container, Shipping Containers Direct have the knowledge, expertise and professionalism to make your vision a reality, whilst maximising your return on investment.

    Our team of Designers, Engineers and Draftspersons have over twenty five of years of combined industry experience and have worked on some of Australia’s largest container modification projects including 67 Modified Containers for URBNSURF at Melbourne Airport URBNSURF, Australia’s first ever Surf Park!

    CALL US DIRECT ON 1300 744 774 or fill out the form above and we’ll walk you through the process of taking your container cafe from dream into a reality!  

    Container Cafes - The Trendy Yet Cost Effective Option

    Cafes are among the most popular food retail business in Australia today. However, start-up cafés are not always easy to get off the ground. This is because of the often prohibitive cost of commercial and retail space. Buying or renting commercial and retail space can be seriously expensive. Add to this the utility fees, and you can see where problems begin to arise.

    Enter shipping container cafes (aka: pop-up cafés) from Shipping Containers Direct – these will provide all the space you need to start a strong café business, in a great place with high footfall.

    The pop-up container cafes for sale are not only appealing to the young and trendy crowd, but they’re also highly accessible to everyone looking for a bite to eat or a drink on the go. They’re an excellent alternative for up-and-coming coffee shop owners looking to break into the market.

    Australia’s Number 1 in Container Modifications

    CALL US DIRECT ON 1300 744 774

    Our team of Designers, Engineers and Draftspersons have over twenty five of years of combined industry experience and have worked on some of Australia’s largest container projects including 67 Modified Containers for URBNSURF at Melbourne Airport. Australia’s first ever Surf Park!

    Let’s Make A Unique Shipping Container Café Just for You

    Shipping Containers Direct is ready to help turn your pop-up café business dream into a reality.

    Our industry experience and expertise make us a great partner when it comes to executing your plan of owning a café. You will have access to a café that not only makes great coffee but is also housed in a fully functional, unique and attractive (and fully portable) building – one that’s designed to your exact requirements.

    As one of the most prominent shipping container manufacturers and sellers in Australia, we know all the techniques and approaches behind designing, fabricating and modifying shipping containers. We modify containers that serve a variety of purposes, including of course, container cafés.

    All you need to do is scroll down the page to view some of the hundreds of container cafes we’ve designed and built over the years to get some ideas of how you want yours to look!

    We’ve turned all shipping containers into hundreds of different types of awesome structures, such as staff accommodation, workshops, galleries, site offices, exhibition spaces, trade show booths, container bars and of course, cafés! So we really are the container modification experts.

    All of our work is guaranteed, which is a sure indication of the quality of our work and our exacting in-house standards. So, no matter the specifications for your planned café, make sure to reach out to us for a quote on 1300 SHIPPING (1300 744 774), or use our online contact form.

    Container Café Sizes

    Whether you want a compact 20-foot container or a more spacious 40-footer, a shipping container pop-up café is sure to drive business. This is true for start-ups and café franchises that are looking to expand in places where there is high customer footfall but there’s no available retail space (or else it’s too expensive!).
    Pop-up cafes are small enough to fit in corner car park spots, marinas, farmers’ markets (or just about any type of market), dog parks, beaches or parcels of land where you’re guaranteed great traffic and permitted to use a spot to open your café business.
    A shipping container pop-up container café is just the right size for a new brand looking to make its first big break, and when it’s time to grow, expand or move elsewhere, it’s also portable. This means your pop-up container café can be transported easily to a new location.

    Of course, no one’s stopping you from building a bigger container café out of shipping containers. That way, you can save a lot on building costs while ensuring you have the space you need to run your business. as it grows and expands.

    Grow Your Business With Container Pop-Up Cafes

    As well as catering to start-up cafes that want to compete in the market, and to café franchises that want to expand even in areas with non-existent or very limited retail space, we help you model your café business on container pop-ups.
    This means adopting a pop-up cafe business model, and establishing more and more container pop-up cafes all over Australia.
    Container Cafe Benefits

    Include Container Pop-Up Cafes in Your Growth Formula

    If you already have a well-established business, and space to spare in your parking area or business premises, why not set up a container pop-up café at your property?
    This way, your staff won’t need to run to the next building or go to a mall just to have a decent cup of freshly brewed, piping hot coffee or an iced latte. And all you need to do is find the right baristas to get it running for you!
    It’s a business move worth considering, right? And who doesn’t like a second income stream…
    Plus it’s a win-win situation overall as you’ll be providing your staff, suppliers and customers a place where they can conveniently get their favourite caffeine fix. All without the need to rent or commission a new structure built from scratch.
    All you need is a sizeable shipping container from Shipping Containers Direct, and voila! Your instant café is ready for its first queue of coffee-loving customers.

    Ready to Get Your Shipping Container Pop-Up Café?

    If you’re now committed to the prospect of starting your pop-up container café business using shipping containers from Shipping Containers Direct, simply call us on  1300 SHIPPING (1300 744 774) .

    With the widest variety of shipping container cafés for sale, we can make all the modifications you want for you, and you can take the container pop up café that’s in your mind, and make it a reality!

    And you can sleep soundly knowing that we’ll be there every step of the way if you need our assistance in turning your trendy pop-up café vision into a reality.

    Shipping Containers Direct

    We are familiar with almost all shipping container uses and are experts at designing spaces that are efficient, affordable, and functional. All of our shipping containers are durable, portable, eco-friendly, and reusable. An Australian shipping container is a budget-friendly solution to storage, transport, and business needs.

    ***Price Match Guarantee***

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