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    Switch Room Containers For Sale

    Switch rooms containers (aka: container control rooms) are the electrical core of every worksite. They hold everything that’s vital in powering the daily operations of the worksite.

    Shipping containers can be customised to house the electrical equipment, technology, and sensitive controls required to run a worksite – all in a temperature-controlled environment.

    The critical importance of container switch rooms cannot be underscored enough, as any fault or failure in the electrical supply to your worksite can result in major financial losses for a business.

    To avoid such unfortunate and possibly catastrophic eventualities, you’ll need a sturdy, high quality shipping container switch room to ensure that the optimum temperature is maintained at all times for the efficient operability of switch room equipment.

    For your container switch room requirements, partner up with us at Shipping Containers Direct. Our experience in customising and fitting portable shipping container switch rooms is on a par with the very best in the industry.

    All the container switch rooms we’ve produced are fitted with top quality 50-millimetre insulated sandwich paneling.

    We can also install heavy duty air conditioners per your requirements. This ensures all switch room electrical components and critical technology systems are working optimally at all times in a space with the right temperature settings.

    Modified Shipping Container Switch Rooms

    Benefits of Modified Shipping Container Switch Rooms

    Shipping Containers Direct offers shipping container switch rooms in 20-foot and 40-foot sizes.

    Depending on your specific requirements, we can customise your switch room with all the accessories you need, including heavy duty air conditioners, fans or ventilation systems, fire safety systems, emergency push bar doors, penetration and gland plates, and ceiling cable trays.

    These can all be integrated into your customised shipping container switch room, aside from basic extras like roller doors, windows, a lockbox and personal access doors. We can also customise the exterior to include any branding elements like your company logo and contact details.

    Switch or control rooms made from our shipping containers are used in a wide range of industries, including army bases, building, mining and construction sites, as well as in the telecommunications and energy sectors. 

    Wherever there’s a need for transportable and high quality switch or control rooms, you’ll find shipping containers that have been customised to house their specialised temperature-sensitive electrical components.

    A shipping container switch room provides the following important benefits:

    For high quality, secure customised shipping container switch rooms, Shipping Containers Direct is the perfect partner for your worksite container requirements.

    And whether you need to move the container by rail, truck or sea, it’s not a problem. We’ll also deliver your customised shipping container switch room wherever you are in Australia.

    So, if you’re ready to get your shipping container switch room, give us a call on 1300 SHIPPING (1300 744 774), or make use of our online contact form.

    Shipping Containers Direct

    We are familiar with almost all shipping container uses and are experts at designing spaces that are efficient, affordable, and functional. All of our shipping containers are durable, portable, eco-friendly, and reusable. An Australian shipping container is a budget-friendly solution to storage, transport, and business needs.

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