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    Shipping Container Removals

    Moving is always a stressful event – whether it’s moving houses or changing the location of your business.

    By taking advantage of shipping container removals (also known as: Self-Loading Removals), you can significantly reduce the stress you’ll experience and avoid some of the horrors of moving, including having to witness removalists carelessly loading and unloading your possessions, because you get to do it yourself…in your own time!

    That’s right. We remove the stress and anxiety from moving by letting you set the time-frame for packing or unpacking, yourselves!

    Self-Loading Removals - Taking the Stress Out of Moving!

    There really is no better way to avoid stress during your move than by using our container Self-Loading Removals Service, because it’s amazingly simple!

    Firstly, Shipping Containers Direct drop off the shipping container you’ve hired for the job (10′, 20′ or 40′). Then, after decluttering, packing, labeling and organising your boxes and other possessions, all you need to do is load up your items in the shipping container at your leisure. There’s no rush, so you get to take your time and pack up your house over days or weeks or even months!

    You then call us when you need the shipping container moved to your new place and we come and pick it up and drop it off for you.

    And then you unpack the shipping container at your new place…at your own pace! Then once you’re done, you call us to say the container is empty, and we come and collect it. Easy!

    How Our Self-Loading Removals Service Works

    We’ve deliberately made our Container Self-Loading Removals Service move easy, to take the stress out of moving day.

    That’s all there is to it. Simple, easy and stress-free.

    You do everything in your own time, so whether you take days or weeks to get everything set up in your new place, it doesn’t really matter because we won’t be pressuring you to finish quickly.

    This means you can do your unloading and unpacking whenever your busy schedule allows. And since you have the time to do this in an orderly, organised fashion, there’ll be no misplaced cartons or items lost or damaged during the move.

    You can unpack each box in the room where it’s intended, and arrange your new place as you like – there’ll be no rummaging or furiously looking for boxes you can’t locate right when you need them. And no boxes hanging around the lounge room for days or weeks on end!

    Best of all, you’ll only have to pay for the time when the shipping container is in your possession or premises, on top of the cost of transporting it.

    Sizes Available for Shipping’s Self-Loading Removals Service

    Shipping Container Sizes for Your Self-Loading Move

    10 feet

    (approx. 3 metres)

    20 feet

    (approx. 6 metres)

    40 feet

    approx. 12 metres)

    Although the size of the shipping container you need depends on how much you’re planning to load in it, and on the size and shape of the items you need to transport, one of our 10-footers can easily accommodate the contents of an average small apartment.

    Our 20-foot containers are large enough to handle the contents of a 2- or 3-bedroom home, whilst our 40-footers can carry the contents of a large family home (or office equipment, furnishings, etc, if you’re moving commercial premises).

    However, to get an accurate estimate of your container requirements, it’s best for you to reach out to us directly on 1300 SHIPPING (1300 744 774) or get in touch using our online contact form.

    Shipping Container Packing – Best Practices

    To minimise the stress of moving and to ensure your items are safe and secure before, during and after transport, we recommend you observe the following packing tips:

    Temporary Storage During Renovation

    Our Self-Loading Removals Service is also convenient when you need temporary storage space during ongoing renovation work – whether at home or at your workplace.

    Renovation work usually entails significant repainting, repair and carpeting work, so it’s best to be out of the way of your contractors for them to work efficiently and stay on schedule.

    By hiring shipping containers to serve as your temporary storage, you avoid getting in the way of the renovation project. Also, it’s a much safer option for you as your possessions remain safe and secure.

    Opting to use shipping containers to keep your things temporarily stored and out of the way is also a great way to save money. 

    Container Self-Loading Removals Service for Interstate Moves

    Moving neighbourhoods is difficult enough, and more so when you need to move your things across the country.

    With the Shipping Containers Direct Self-Loading Removals Service, you can move across town, or across the country. Safe in the knowledge that you don’t have to rush the packing or unpacking process. And that your possessions are safe and secure. 

    We deliver anywhere in Australia.

    For a stress-free move, we recommend these tips:

    Flexibility With Shipping Container Direct’s Self-Loading Removals Service

    Sometimes, even with sufficient planning and strategising, your planned move can still go awry. Your moving date might have to be postponed, the new place might not be ready in time for moving day, or buyers could back out if you’re selling your current place., etc. These things can all impact moving day and ramp up your stress-levels, so the removal process might not push through as planned. With our Self-Loading Removals Service, you can keep your things in storage for as long as is necessary, until you’re moving date is finalised and you get to move to your new place.

    Once you take on the actual move, you can then proceed to unload your possessions and unpack them in a leisurely fashion.

    If you’re moving to a new workplace or office space, you can take this time to organise your business premises and maximise the space you have. Once you’ve finished unloading and you have no need to keep our shipping container in your new place, all you need to do is to give us a call and we’ll get it picked up promptly.

    For a seamless, smooth and organised move, nothing beats our Self-Loading Container Removals Service, as it gives you total control over the entire removals process – including packing, loading, unloading, unpacking and organising. This way, damages and losses are avoided or minimised, and you do everything on your own time, without all the unnecessary fuss.

    Remember, whether you’re moving homes or workplaces, we have a wide range of shipping containers you can choose from. And in case you need specialised containers, we have High Cube and Refrigerated Containers to go with our 10′, 20′ and 40′ General Purpose Containers for you to hire as required.

    If you want to know more about Shipping’s Self-Loading Removals Service, or are ready to book this service, please get in touch with us on 1300 SHIPPING (1300 744 774) , or you may also opt to use our quote form. Once we receive your inquiry, our friendly and approachable Customer Service Team will be in touch with you shortly.

    Shipping Containers Direct

    We are familiar with almost all shipping container uses and are experts at designing spaces that are efficient, affordable, and functional. All of our shipping containers are durable, portable, eco-friendly, and reusable. An Australian shipping container is a budget-friendly solution to storage, transport, and business needs.

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