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Shipping Container Workshops for Sale

Who doesn’t need a private place to work on their hobbies and projects in peace and quite? Who doesn’t need extra space? Then let us introduce you to shipping container workshops, the must-have extension to have on your property!

Maybe you’re an artist in need of a studio, or perhaps you’re a DIY enthusiast in need of a workshop or place to store your tools so you can tinker and finish your handyman projects? Or you might be a home-based business owner simply needing additional space to work in earnest while expanding your operations? Because the tax benefits for having a separately metered work space that’s not ‘in your home’ (but still ‘on your property’) are excellent.

Whatever the reason for your space dilemma or the situation you are in, they’ll definitely be in improved by owning your own shipping container workshop from Shipping Containers Direct!

Container Workshops - The Answer to Your Space Requirements!



Weather Proof


All of our shipping container workshops are proudly Australian-made. We can customise them to suit your exact specifications. You can select from our range of 10-footer, 20-footer and 40-footer containersYou can also instruct us to add extra features or accessories you need to do your best work. Just tell us if you want us to include electricity and lighting, gantry systems, container ramps, windows, whirley birds for extra ventilation, shelving systems, workbenches and security features, etc.

Pre-Designed & Customised Container Workshops Available

Shipping Containers Direct has ready made and pre-designed container workshops in 20-foot and 40-foot sizes. We usually have these workshops in stock as they’re usually in high demand. However, you’re always welcome to customise your container workshop to best suit your purpose and needs. 

We love a challenge, remember? And we especially enjoy it when our customers give us the opportunity to showcase what we’re capable of as we satisfy their every requirement.

Call Shipping Containers Direct to Order Your Very Own Workshop

Now that you’re ready to purchase your own container workshop, all that’s left for you to do is to contact us on 1300 SHIPPING  (1300 744 774), or use our online contact formThis way, we can answer all your questions and start working on your own portable workshop. 

Shipping Containers Direct

We are familiar with almost all shipping container uses and are experts at designing spaces that are efficient, affordable, and functional. All of our shipping containers are durable, portable, eco-friendly, and reusable. An Australian shipping container is a budget-friendly solution to storage, transport, and business needs.

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